ZECO Energy is the trusted partner for major commercial solar and battery storage companies in Australia.



We work with major brands to deliver end-to-end solar and storage solutions, including turnkey delivery.

ZECO has successfully installed commercial solar across Victoria.

Some of our installations include:


– Narre Warren College

– Cranbourne Park Primary School

Aged Care Centres

– Aged Care Centre in Ringwood North

– Aged Care Centre in Paynesville


– Barrabool Church in Geelong

Storage Centres

– Multiple storage facilities across Victoria

Factories and Warehouses across Melbourne

    Why Zeco Energy?


  • We do not compromise on quality –  materials or workmanship


  • We get things done including documentation


  • We are trusted by global and major Australian brands


  • We provide end-to-end support


Our Recent Projects

Golf Club, Cranbourne

75kW solar with four Solar Edge inverters combined with optimisers.
Reduced power bills for the customer >80%

Storage facility, Dandenong

20kW system with a single inverter on a high roof around a number of skylights
Reduced power bills by >90%

Primary School, Cranbourne

100kW system with multiple SMA inverters
Reduced power bills by >94%.  A great story for the children and the local community.  Installation completed promptly and in full, during school holidays.

Aged Care Centre, Paynesville, Victoria

65kW system with two Solar Edge inverters combined with Optimisers
Reduced power bills by >70%

 Aged Care Centre, Ringwood

200kW system with six Solar Edge inverters combined with Optimisers.  Total roofs >15 including flat, tile and terracotta roofs. CTs installed with two PV Distribution Boards.
Reduced power bills for the customer by >65%

College, Narre Warren 

100kW system with multiple SMA inverters
Reduced power bills by >90%. Great outcome for the school and the local community.  Installation completed in record time, during School holidays.

Barrabool Church, Geelong

100kW system with multiple Fronius Symo inverters
Reduced power bills for the Church >75%.  Excellent local community project.  Completed under challenging requirements without impat on Church events/schedules.


“The upgrade to the circuit boards was a pleasant surprise, thank you for some excellent service.
And so far the system has worked without a hitch, even on Sunday which likely reached 40+. Gary, the operator at the transfer station is very happy.”
Glenn Tamblyn
Sustainability Officer
I have had my 10.7kw battery up and running properly now for 2 years , there were a few teething problems with it in the first 2 months but that sort of thing is to be expected when you are only the 2nd battery installed in your town.
My experience with my battery has been better than expected I was quite sure I would need double the capacity , but I was happy to be proved wrong 10.7kw is more than sufficient for 2 people .
Battery performance is very good in winter with up to 50% capacity still in the battery by the dawn, and we are totally independent of the power grid . During summer its a different matter due to cloud cover of the heat ,tropical monsoon and cyclonic activity the battery is usually depleted by 3am but still having the power grid available makes up for that , Far North Qld has some of the highest power prices in Australia  , before we got the battery our power bill was regularly over $1200 for 3 months , since we got the battery it is now on average $130 for 3 months and I might add that $100 of that is the cost of reading the meter ! If I didn’t have solar with a battery the cost to read the meter would be $50 . Apart from the savings we were the only house in the street to have electricity for the few hours it took to restore power the areas north of MacKay after cyclone Debbie last year .
Yes I defiantly would recommend this system to all my family and friends , only one criticism i have never received any feed back from emails I had sent in regards to upgrading my system to include a wind turbine and generator?
I am sure if these 2 things can be fitted to the existing unit it would make it the premier unit and the unit of choice.
If you want to ring me for feed back i am more than happy to answer any questions you have.
Damien Martin