Zero Cost & Zero Carbon
for Business

Global brands, local support

ZECO Energy is the trusted partner for major commercial solar and battery storage companies in Australia.
We work with leading brands such as Samsung SDI to deliver end-to-end solar and storage solutions, including turnkey delivery.

The Solar Energy Advantage

As energy prices continue to increase, millions of Australian businesses are going solar. Solar power can immediately and substantially reduce your operational expenses as well as your carbon footprint.
Explore how solar can benefit your business, take a step towards a positive future.​

Complex projects, flexible delivery

ZECO has successfully installed commercial solar across Victoria. Some of our installations include:
Narre Warren College
Cranbourne Park Primary School
Aged Care Centre in Ringwood North
Aged Care Centre in Paynesville
Barrabool Church in Geelong
Multiple facilities across Victoria

Why ZECO Energy?

We do not compromise on quality – materials or workmanship

Our batteries are monitored online and in real time to ensure energy efficiency

We are trusted by global and local Australian brands

Our health and safety training
are part of our quality guarantee

Our solar panels and batteries
have long warranty

We provide end-to-end

Our recent projects

Golf Club, Cranbourne

Energy System: 75kW solar with four Solar Edge inverters combined with optimisers. Outcome: Reduced power bills over 80%.

Aged Care Centre, Ringwood 

Energy System: 200kW system with six Solar Edge inverters combined with Optimisers. Over 15 roofs including flat, tile and terracotta roofs. CTs installed with two PV Distribution Boards.
Outcome: Reduced power bills by over 65%.

Primary School, Cranbourne 

Energy System: 100kW system with multiple SMA inverters
Outcome: Reduced power bills by over 94%.

College, Narre Warren 

Energy System: 100kW system with multiple SMA inverters
Outcome: Reduced power bills by over 90%. 

Barrabool Church, Geelong 

Energy System: 100kW system with multiple Fronius Symo inverters
Outcome: Reduced power bills over 75%, completed under challenging requirements without impact on Church events.

Storage facility, Dandenong

Energy System: 20kW system with a single inverter on a high roof around a number of skylights
OutcomeReduced power bills by 90%. 


"The upgrade to the circuit boards was a pleasant surprise, thank you for some excellent service.

And so far the system has worked without a hitch, even on Sunday which likely reached 40+. Gary, the operator at the transfer station is very happy.”
Glenn Tamblyn - Sustainability Officer
"Our power bill is virtually zero – even after including the daily network fee our bill averages out to about 50 cents per day. Since our feed-in tariff was set-up, we generated 26kWh per day, using 20kWh and exporting the rest.

“I have no hesitation in recommending ZECO Energy and their systems.”
Meaghan Godfrey
"It is kind of a set and forget system with the occasional checking of performance online.

It has drastically lowered our power bill and provides sufficient power during grid outages.
We have recommended this system to all our friends and work colleges that have solar installed.”
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