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ITP Renewables Tests Show Samsung SDI As Performance Leader

Supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre program aims to independently verify battery performance against manufacturers’ claims.

SOH Estimates from Capacity Test Results. Samsung SDI, Tesla and LG Chem* (due to temperature rerating and cell imbalance only completed 1100 cycles)

According to global ITP Renewables, Samsung SDI is the most reliable battery in the market.  
The independent report tested LG Chem, Sony and Tesla Powerwall to compare battery performances – and Samsung SDI came on top. 
The tests also proved Samsung SDI had the best State of Health of the pack. After 1300 cycles (approximately 3.5 years) it still performed at 91% capacity compared to Tesla’s 77% and LG Chem at 88% (only for 1100 cycles).
The results show Samsung SDI is the most reliable battery and can provide many benefits to customers:
  • Longer battery life
  • Higher storage capacity every day
  • Reduced costs

Samsung SDI Pioneers in Residential Energy Storage

A major customer of ZECO Energy, Ergon Energy, rolled out an energy storage project for a site with multiple residential units in Townsville, Queensland. Each 10kWh storage unit had remote monitoring and control, enabling residents to significantly reduce their power bills. Watch the news clip below on the project: