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We are here to help you take control of your energy.
Specialists in solar and battery storage,  ZECO Energy delivers end-to-end solutions throughout Australia.
Here for you every step of the way, from  project’s design and installation to 24/7 after sales support. 
To ensure our commitment to each client,  our values guide us through every project.


Drive practices to prevent workplace injuries and illness. 


Sustainable habits to exceed industry regulations from CEC.


Turnkey delivery and solutions that meet customer needs.

How you benefit from Solar

Reduce your energy costs substantially

Reduce your reliance on the grid – no more blackouts
Reduce your exposure to future electricity price rises 

Completed in March 2019, this Aged Care Centre in Melbourne had a 200kW solar system installed by ZECO. The system resulted in over 60% savings in power costs during day time and 297.226,8 Kg CO2 gas savings per annum.

Australian Solar and Battery industry

We are half way into the solar boom in Australia. We are at the cusp of the battery boom in Australia.
Australia has the highest penetration of rooftop solar in the world on per household basis. More than 2 million Australian homes have already installed rooftop solar.
What’s more every year some 200,000 households are adding solar to their homes. Households in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria  have embraced solar to reduce their power bills.
With recently announced attractive Government rebates in Victoria and South Australia, we are seeing a big upswing in demand across the board.
Most Australian households want to make best use of their solar energy. This is where batteries are becoming an attractive option. We are witnessing lithium-ion batteries coupled with solar is providing the missing link – get solar energy when you need it.
Contact us to be a part of this technological revolution.