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We are battery specialists

commercial / Industrial

Store energy during off-peak periods and use during peak times
Replace other types of expensive or unreliable power sources such as diesel generators


New energy power solution which can be used in residential situation to interact with the existing grid to supplement and enhance supply.


Deferral of capex on capacity and infrastructure upgrades.
A key source to equalise peaks in demand and avoid load shedding or brownouts


Ideal for areas experiencing unreliable, or inconsistent power from the grid.


Most businesses source energy from expensive and sub-optimal alternatives. The cost of paying peak rates, sourcing from bio or diesel generators, not to mention fuel handling issues on site, remains a key business issue for most.

No more... we work with world leaders in NEW ENERGY and provide advanced battery based energy storage solutions. These batteries have exceptionally long design life (>15 years), they are efficient, and proven to be reliable around the world. They scale right up to utility or major grid size.

Now, these systems are available at residential scale providing households a range of choices.

ZECO Energy is the Distributor of  SAMSUNG energy storage systems in Australia.  Product range includes  residential storage systems, commercial and industrial systems.

ZECO Energy's key value proposition is -

  • Reliable technology that improves costs and efficiencies
  • Superior customer experience 

Energy Storage Systems