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“Our experience with the unit is limited but good, as it is kind of a set and forget system with the occasional checking of performance online.
It has drastically lowered our power bill and provides sufficient power during grid outages.
We have recommended this system to all our friends and work colleges that have solar installed.”
Product supplied and installed by ZECO Energy:
  • Solar system 6 kW
  • Hansol AIO 10.8kWh system with SAMSUNG batteries
Our power bill is virtually zero – even after including the daily network fee our bill averages out to about 50 cents per day.
Since our feed-in tariff was set-up, we
  • Generated 26kWh per day
  • Used 20kWh per day
  • Exported the rest and got Feed in Tariff
  • Our average grid spend in October was 37cents per day
“I have no hesitation in recommending ZECO Energy and their systems.”
Ms Meaghan Godfrey
I decided to go very early for a battery system to support the PV systems I already had on the roof and it was my understanding that the Samsung 10.8 kwh was the one that would accept input from both of the 2 separate systems I had.
Obviously my intention was to provide sufficient power storage to cover house usage at night and in the late afternoon when the sun is no longer generating energy through the PV panels. Grid backup is still required as a full battery will only last one night during inclement weather.
Other than a few minor glitches with Wi-Fi connection to my computer the Samsung system is working perfectly and is achieving my intended desire of receiving no bills from my electricity supplier, in fact I am in credit even after supply charge at the moment.
At the cost of $20,000 one would need to calculate the cost benefit of any system to their particular circumstance. I understand there is another system with 14 kwh capacity that costs half the price of the Samsung – I am unsure whether it would have suited my needs at the time it was only in early stages of availability in Australia.
After my comments in 3) above I doubt you would want to contact me however you are more than welcome to do so.
I thank ZECO for their help in rebooting when I had the problem with the Wi-Fi connection.
Tim Sayer