About Us

Who we are

The name ZECO represents what our business is all about: ZERO COST,  ZERO CARBON.

Above all, we are here to help you achieve both
with solar and storage energy.

The world is experiencing a once in a lifetime change thanks to the combination of the two.
Whether you are powering your home or running a vehicle, it can now be done for little or no cost.
ZECO Energy is at the forefront of this revolution.
As a national Distributor of residential energy storage systems as well as an accredited installer of residential and commercial solar systems, we are well placed to provide solutions for our customers.
Additionally, we are also the Technical Support Centre in residential battery systems.

What we do


We provide a complete service from Design, Installation and importantly After Sales Service for both commercial and residential customers. Importantly, as a CEC Accredited Retailer we abide by the Clean Energy Council Code of Conduct.


As part of our commitment to quality, we only represent premium brands such as Samsung SDI (global player) and Hanwha Q-Cells (German engineered). 

End-to-end support

Our Training and Technical Support helps installers around the country with quoting, installation and commissioning questions whilst providing 24/7 support for end users. For support we can be contacted on 1300 00 ZECO (1300 00 9326).

Local Support

As all-in-one units are online we address most issues remotely. When not possible, our trained technicians will provide quick and reliable field support.

Online Monitoring

If we notice something is not quite right, we will address the issue on-line through a firmware upgrade or contact you with other suggestions.

Smart Energy Software

Follow your activity in real time, monitor consumption, check bills, control appliances remotely and improve energy efficiency.


Take control of your energy today


"The upgrade to the circuit boards was a pleasant surprise, thank you for some excellent service.

And so far the system has worked without a hitch, even on Sunday which likely reached 40+. Gary, the operator at the transfer station is very happy.”
Glenn Tamblyn - Sustainability Officer
"Our power bill is virtually zero – even after including the daily network fee our bill averages out to about 50 cents per day. Since our feed-in tariff was set-up, we generated 26kWh per day, using 20kWh and exporting the rest.

“I have no hesitation in recommending ZECO Energy and their systems.”
Meaghan Godfrey
"It is kind of a set and forget system with the occasional checking of performance online.

It has drastically lowered our power bill and provides sufficient power during grid outages.
We have recommended this system to all our friends and work colleges that have solar installed.”
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