Who We Are

We provide technical support in design, installation and warranty service.
ZECO Energy is the only Authorised Distributor and  Technical
Support Centre of  Hansol All in One Systems and SAMSUNG SDI
residential batteries in Australia.
These batteries have exceptionally long design life (>15 years),
they are efficient, and proven to be reliable around the world.

Local Support

ZECO Energy is the only authorised Technical Support and Service Centre in Australia.
For support we can be contacted on 1300 00 ZECO (1300 00 9326)
As each all-in-one unit is on-line we are able to address most issues remotely. However when this is not possible, we have trained technicians in every state to provide quick and reliable field support.

Online Monitoring

As all batteries are connected to the internet, we are able to monitor them daily to ensure they are working efficiently. If we notice something is not quite right, we will address the issue on-line through a firmware upgrade or contact you with other suggestions

SMART Energy Software

ZECO Energy works closely with smart energy software providers to ensure your battery is the key to energy efficiency. View your energy activity in real time, monitor your consumption, check your bills, control appliances remotely and improve your energy efficiency. Please talk to our sales team if you would like more information .