Solar Batteries for
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Our Solar Batteries​

Our solar battery systems are based on LITHIUM-ION, a proven, safe and reliable technology. Powered by Samsung SDI, these are the same batteries that go into laptops, mobile phones, cars, buses and forklifts worldwide.
Connected to your residential or commercial solar panel, they store the excess solar power to be used when needed. As a major benefit, users can not only reduce their reliance on the grid, but potentially live 100% off-grid. 
With a long useful life of over 15 years, they can be installed indoors or outdoors. Our batteries are fully automated and maintenance free.

How do solar batteries work?​​

A solar based battery refers to a type of battery that stores solar energy from a photovoltaic (PV) based solar system.
The PV system has panels that can absorb solar energy from the sun and convert it into electricity , which then passes through an inverter that can be utilised by your home. The battery functions as a storage mechanism , which can help you utilise the stored energy as electricity when the panels are no longer absorbing solar energy.

Our all in one solar storage system​

How it works​

Step 1: The solar power captured by our panels will be stored in DC current form.
Step 2: Our all-in-one system will convert DC power into AC power thanks to its integrated inverter.
Step 3: The battery will supply energy to your appliances and lights during the night or cloudy days.
All requiring zero maintenance.

Application to monitor your activity:

With our highly sophisticated online portal access, you can monitor on a minute by minute basis:
  • Your solar power generated
  • Your battery state of charge
  • Your electricity usage
  • Your savings and much more
ZECO Energy is the Australian Technical Support Centre for Q.HOME​


"I have had my Samsung stand alone solar system (10.5 kw) for 4 years or more now.
I was the 1st in Australia to have it installed so I was the guinea pig. In the early months Samsung worked tirelessly to provide a system that suited our needs constantly flying technicians in from Samsung in Korea. Ultimately when all the bugs were ironed out and the software stable we ended up with a system that is perfect for our needs.

I run a full household of electrical white goods (including a dryer) plus an air conditioner. We do not have a connection to the grid at all. With a bit of daily planning we are entirely independent and rely heavily on our Samsung battery system."
Susan Fraser
"I purchased solar coupled with Samsung AIO more than four years ago. To summarize my experience would be to say that my expectations were surpassed beyond my wildest dream. On an average sunny day, by midday the battery bank is topped up. At sunset, the battery bank takes over on its own to power the house entirely.

As for the financial return, for the initial investment there is a 100% return within 3 years, which is better than any investment fund return. Last year, we went through cyclone Debbie. Grid was out for 8 days and I hardly used my generator. I now believe in magic!!!"
Denis Couture
"The upgrade to the circuit boards was a pleasant surprise, thank you for some excellent service.

And so far the system has worked without a hitch, even on Sunday which likely reached 40+. Gary, the operator at the transfer station is very happy.”
Glenn Tamblyn - Sustainability Officer
"Our power bill is virtually zero – even after including the daily network fee our bill averages out to about 50 cents per day. Since our feed-in tariff was set-up, we generated 26kWh per day, using 20kWh and exporting the rest.

“I have no hesitation in recommending ZECO Energy and their systems.”
Meaghan Godfrey
"It is kind of a set and forget system with the occasional checking of performance online.

It has drastically lowered our power bill and provides sufficient power during grid outages.
We have recommended this system to all our friends and work colleges that have solar installed.”
"ZECO energy have a very thorough
understanding of solar and battery storage applications."
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