• Reliable and consistent power
  • AC output power upto 5kW
  • SMART online controls
  • Safe operation, Low maintenance
  • Long life 10 - 15 years

  • Security and reliability of operations
  • No downtime, No blackouts/brownouts
  • Highly efficient power management
  • Low operating cost, Higher ROI
  • Excellent financial payback and returns


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Off Grid / Emergency
Use as a back-up power source for critical power / emergency facilities.

Operational facts

Enhancing renewable energy (solar)
Ability to stabilise and smoothen power from any renewable source – wind, solar, hydro.
Voltage and frequency fluctuations smoothened out to provide stable output

key benefits

 1300 00 ZECO 

Power Management
Store energy during off-peak periods and use at peak times.
Potentially reduce power bills to NIL