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Trusted and tried Australia wide

Whether our clients are powering homes, schools or factories, we are here to help Australians take control over their energy. Our satisfied customers are spread across Australia, saving over 90% of their electricity bill with solar and battery systems.

Reduce your carbon footprint with clean energy 

Reduce your reliance on the grid – no more blackouts
Reduce your exposure to future electricity price rises 
As of July 1st 2019, Solar Victoria has launched the Solar Homes program that will support 49,000 solar system installations. 
Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, ZECO Energy has transformed hundreds of homes in the state and is committed in supporting customers before, during and after their solar system installation.

Invest in the right solar system

We understand that choosing the perfect solar system can be overwhelming. Which is why having the right supplier makes all the difference – and there’s where we come in.

solar house installation

Personalised solar system installation

We’ll guide you through all technicalities and provide options that suit your individual requirements. Before making any decisions, you will know exactly how much Kw your solar panels will generate as well as how many STC’s and rebate cashback you’ll receive.
Complying with the Clean Energy Council standards, our credited team will only use the highest quality materials in our solar systems. 

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Our easy process

Ready to let your solar system save your electricity bills? 
ZECO Energy has a simple process to help get you there. Follow the steps to get your savings up and running: 


We design a solar energy system sized for your needs and send you a quotation for the supply and installation.


Accept your quotation by completing the Acceptance form, email it to us and book your installation.


We will coordinate the onsite inspections and let you know when it is all approved.


Our solar system installation and connection will occur on the nominated date as agreed.

Providing a complete service from project Design, Installation and After Sales support, we are here every step of the way. Get in touch for a quote and find out how much you can save with your solar system installation.  

Why ZECO Energy?

Our solar panels and batteries have long warranty

Our batteries are monitored online and in real time to ensure energy efficiency

We provide end-to-end
local support

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As a CEC Accredited Retailer we operate by the highest standards in accordance to Clean Energy Council’s Code of Conduct. 

Recent residential projects


Take control of your energy today


"The upgrade to the circuit boards was a pleasant surprise, thank you for some excellent service.

And so far the system has worked without a hitch, even on Sunday which likely reached 40+. Gary, the operator at the transfer station is very happy.”
Glenn Tamblyn - Sustainability Officer
"Our power bill is virtually zero – even after including the daily network fee our bill averages out to about 50 cents per day. Since our feed-in tariff was set-up, we generated 26kWh per day, using 20kWh and exporting the rest.

“I have no hesitation in recommending ZECO Energy and their systems.”
Meaghan Godfrey
"It is kind of a set and forget system with the occasional checking of performance online.

It has drastically lowered our power bill and provides sufficient power during grid outages.
We have recommended this system to all our friends and work colleges that have solar installed.”
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