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Solar Lighting Towers

Residential All in One Systems

3.6 kWh storage    

7.2 kWh storage     

10.8 kWh storage   

large scale Indoor battery bank

50kWh ~ Multi MWh

Large scale Energy Storage Systems

50kWh ~ Multi MWh

ZECO Energy is the  distributor of SAMSUNG off-grid/on-grid products in Australia.

SAMSUNG has developed a fully integrated solution based on most advanced and highest performance Lithium-ion batteries available in the world. 

For our customers, this means

  • Lower operating cost, Higher ROI
  • Long operating life
  • Reliable technology with local support 

ZECO Energy offers a range of solutions big and small. We offer energy storage solutions that are modular, flexible in design and tailored to meet a diverse set of customer needs from kW to MW sized.